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January 3, 2011

zwischengas.com, a comprehensive classic car portal, goes live with Yanel CMS and Wyona

A newer trend in the internet are topic centric social networks and online communities. For German language classic car enthousiasts there was somewhat a vacuum until now, as nobody really offered a comprehensive online archive for this user group. zwischengas.com is going to change this by offering a very convincing solution:

  • Large archive with 1.5 million full text indexed information objects covering the automobile history of the last 100 years. For this hundred thousands of journal and magazine pages had been scanned and digitized.
  • Subscription model and "paywall" approach with a granular access management concept
  • Focus on upselling - the user is made continously aware of the possibilities he would have if he was a premium member of the community
  • Connected content items based on manually managed relations handled by editors and automatically generated dynamic relations ("similar articles")
  • Integration of multimedia (images, sound, movies)
  • Comfortable search mechanisms with fulltext queries and advanced filtering possibilities
  • Purpose specific content modelling optimized for different forms of presentation and usage
  • Integrated simple online shop for purchasing subscriptions
  • Comfortable and efficient to use administration environment for content maintenance and portal management and monitoring

zwischengas.com went live on December 22, 2010 and already has suprised by its advanced stickiness and ability to have the user visit a large number of pages per visit.

zwischengas.com is a great example for the flexibility and adaptability of Yanel CMS. No other CMS would have made it possible to support users as well as editors so specific to the purpose and therefore allow for such a high level of convenience and efficiency.

Wyona managed the overall project and implemented the first release of the new online platform.

November 1st, 2010

Content Management and eCommerce living in perfect symbiosis

Through this summer we have integrated our core product Yanel CMS with the well known eCommerce package Konakart. Usually customers have to decide whether they want to be content or commerce centric, and usually they end up with a heavy compromise on either one side.

With the tight integration of the content management system Yanel CMS and the shopping cart and eCommerce framework Konakart we have managed to get the best of both worlds for our customers. And we have proven it with www.globus.ch. The shop is live and it is really tightly integrated. At any time you can see your shopping basked, the user registration process is only needed once and Globus can now feed as much content and sellable products into their web platform.

It was a bit of work to get there, but less than you may think. And the result is the Yanel eCommerce edition. If you want to know more about this, then please contact us.

April 14, 2010

Can you implement a fully functioning multi-language and SEO optimized website in one day?

Of course some preparation was required, but most of it was about UI design and the generation of CSS/XHTML. But after this short preparation phase it took us less than one day to get our new Wyona website up and running. And of course, content production was behind schedule (as always), not the implementation of functionality.

What can be proven with this little project is that there doesn't have to be a disadvantage in agility due to a java based content management system - the contrary is true. What is important though is to know what needs to be done and how!

The result, we find, is impressive. But that's our customers and other interested parties to decide.

January 7, 2010

Wyona presents the result of the eMarketing Survey - Swiss Enterprises underestimate the potential of eMarketing and Online Lead Generation!

An Online Survey, supported by Wyona AG, accelIT GmbH, oneStepBeyond.ch, Innoveo Solutions and Open Web Technology, was focused on on mid sized and large Swiss companies. Roughly 60 companies have answered the survey in December 2009 and clearly testified that being present in the internet is very important to them.

More than 80% of the participating firms declared the importance of the Internet as very high or high for the "awareness" phase as well as for the "evaluation" phase of the sales process. More than four fifth of the companies assume, that their website is used by their potential customers in at least one phase of the business development process.

Swiss companies are doing a lot to increase the attractivity of their website and to increase visitor frequency or to mainain it. More than 80% of the surveyed enterprises use instruments such as Google Ads, SEO or email campaigns and online advertisement to increase traffic. At the same time these companies seem to neglect the potential they could leverage as a result of the traffic. Roughly one half of the companies is not able to say what the value of an internet visitor is. Based on the indications given by the rest of the companies the average value of an anonymous internet visitor is CHF 1.40, while the value of an authenticated internet user can be quantified with more CHF 8.90. What is clear is that Swiss companies neither focus on measuring the conversion between these two levels nor on the value and the optimization of the value of authenticated web users. This means that they ignore a huge potential! As an illustration think about a shopping mall where tons of people come and watch the products but the sales people are hiding under the tables or don't show up.

It becomes clear that the online channel is rather seen as a marketing and communication channel in Switzerland but not as a true business development channel. This can also be shown in the survey results. Taking the customer perspective more than 60% of all the companies would support the phases inspiration and evaluation on only a satisfactory level, not more. 

It's not about missing technologies or budgets, when companies don't leverage the potential and make steps forward to increase eMarketing efficiency and more online lead generation. It's rather the missing insight and understanding and probably the fact that the competitor also seems to not do it. The reality however shows that doing online lead generation becomes more and more a differentiation weapon in the hot and competitive market today.

December 15, 2009

Daumenkino (meindaumenkino.ch) basiert auf Yanel

End of 2009 the website www.meindaumenkino.ch went live. With "meinDaumenkino" (German for "my thumb cinema") you can upload small videos and then receive many printed and collated pictures in a booklet that you can scroll through using your thumb creating the impression of a movie. There's some nostalgie and fun in this, as you can imagine. Many people use this to hand it out as a present or as a "real" gift instead of sending a link to a youtube movie.

MeinDauenkino.ch was implemented with Yanel (Web Application Framework and Content Management) and once again displays the flexibility and extensibility of Yanel.

November 25, 2009

Successful Event "Pioneers and Innovations in the time of a financial crisis and recession"

In the evening of November 25, 2009 about 40 people met to discuss pioneering ideas and innovations applicable in times of financial turmoil and recession. The feedback of the participants was extremely positive and many asked when the next event would be. We are currently thinking about a next one.

The topics on the agenda were:

  • Success story Sympany - new brand, new products
    (Reto Toscan, CEO Sympany Versicherungen AG)
  • Online and Offline becoming one
    (Frank Block, CEO FinScore)
  • Open Source as source of innovation
    (Michael Wechner, CTO Wyona AG)
  • Social Marketing and Web 2.0 - new way of doing marketing 
    (Frédéric Weill, CEO Open Web Technology)

The presentations and discussions made it clear that especially in difficult times invention and pioneering spirit is flurishing in Switzerland.

We have summarized the presentations and if there's interest we can send the summary by email (German language).

September 15, 2009

Bruno von Rotz acquires a stake in Wyona and becomes CEO

Bruno von Rotz has become a major shareholder in the Swiss Open Soruce Content Management Specialist Wyona AG and also takes the position of the CEO.

Together with the founder Michael Wechner, who will continue to work as CTO, Wyona plans to become a major player in the market of online content management, syndication and online business development. With the product Yanel Wyona can already today offer a better and more efficient alternative to most other CMS technologies.

June 15, 2009

Institute of Mathematical Statistics decides for Yanel and Wyona

The Institute of Mathematical Statistics has decided to chose Yanel as the CMS for its website and Wyona as the integrator. During the next few months all existing solutions are going to be replaced and new features added.