Content Management Migration (CMS Migration)

Migrations of websites and content management platforms weren't a major topic a few years ago, as usually you didn't migrate but just start from scratch with a new technology. This has changed. Modern websites include hundreds and thousands, some even millions of content elements and pages - you wouldn't want to consider to start from scratch.

Migrations are needed due to a number of different reasons. In many situations the existing CMS technology doesn't support new objectives any more or doesn't have the functionalities/features needed. Sometimes upgrades are not possible anymote due to false implementation decisions in the past or due to specific extensions that don't fit the new product design any more. In many cases we have also seen that a number of different technologies need to be consolidated and only a new technology can do all what is needed.

Wyona offers comprehensive content migration services if you want to switch from your existing content management system to Yanel. Very popular are migrations from Apache Lenya, but also from many other Java and/or XSLT/XML based CMS) to Yanel. These migrations can often be offered at very attractive prices as a lot of the work can be automated.

We also migrate other CMS such as Obtree, Interwoven, Stellent, Day or Vignette of course.

With our specific and result driven Wyona migration approach CMMM (content management migration methodology) we can garantee short deadlines and effective execution.


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