Content Management and Integration Solutions

As soon as websites and web solution grow in terms of content volume and number of contributors the need for a content management solution arises. Content Management has developed substantially during the last 10 years. Today there’s a choice of many hundred commercial and Open Source content management solutions and frameworks. However, only the purpose specific implementation and configuration will create effective, efficient and well managed processes and useful, usable and engaging websites and portals. Wyona has implemented content management solutions for a wide range of customers and industries including retail/consumer goods, insurance, media, government and others. The solutions are focusing on both internal and external audiences.

Wyona brings the key capabilities to the table that lead to balanced and well engineered content management solutions, i.e.long experience with web business applications and typical internet requirements, a deep understanding of content management and involved standards, access to key technologies in this space, as well as best practices and best-of-breed methodologies.

Wyona also has implemented many Content Integration Solutions over the past years and is able to not only provide state-of-the-art technologies to build customer specific solutions, but also the methodology and the consulting experience, to come up with solutions in a short time frame and for low costs. Specifically important in this context is the use of open standards such as JSR-170/283, XML, CMIS and others.

There are many different reasons forcing enterprises to replace their content management solution:

  1. High maintenance and license/subscription costs make the operation expensive, especially comparing to modern and Open Source content management systems. Lack of openness creates a vendor lock-in and dependencies.
  2. The existing CMS platform is not flexible enough, new requirements and needs from Marketing and Sales can not be fulfilled/implemented
  3. The existing environment cannot be maintained anymore, skills are missing and because of the use of old technologies there's no real market for these skills any more
  4. More and more integration with other solutions and applications is needed, but the existing technology doesn't make it easy to integrate
  5. Missing functionalities and features limit the usage of the solution, implementing these features creates high project cost and fundamental changes in the applications
  6. Due to implemented customizations and adaptations it's not any more possible, to migrate to a newer release of the chosen technology and therefore new features are not available to the enduser
  7. Scalability and stability issues create the need for highly qualified personnel and expensive human resources
  8. The existing solution is far away from the modern web 2.0 style and behavior that is demanded today. Also Search Engine Optimization is difficult to do with the existing means.
  9. Low efficiency for content editing and creation tasks due to bad usability and process orientation. Many compromises need to be done, mostly resulting into additional man power cost

If new content management solutions are implemented the above mentioned "problems" shouldn't be repeated. Modern technologies such as Yanel stand for long term extensible, maintainable and scalable platforms.

Wyona implements next generation CMS solutions based on Yanel, but also other technologies. You can find examples here.


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