Online Business Development Solutions

While most companies have established online presences and project an (digital) image to customers and prospects, very few have gone beyond this.

Internet users and specifically potential buyers of the companies’ services or products on the other side use the web more and more for product identification, selection, evaluation and purchasing. Consumers as well as corporate buyers see the internet as a key information source in their purchasing processes. At the same time they more and more ignore (or even block) online advertisement.

While companies have - in many cases - been able to increase the traffic to their websites with SEO (search engine optimization) and other traffic generation measures, there is little they have done in terms of increasing conversion rates and getting something out of having people coming to the website. Even worse there’s barely any insight on whether web traffic really impacts the bottom line, especially when the transactions are typically done offline. The website mostly is a pure information push vehicle, a dialogue is not established. Online lead generation and lead nurturing (many refer to these disciplines as “marketing automation”) is completly neglected. A big opportunity for saving cost and increasing revenue and profitability is missed.

With an Online Business Development Solution enterprises can generate more and better qualified leads online. This is done by tracking all users' behavior, offering "honey pots" to register (for example for high value content) and consquently enabling multi channel bidectional dialogues with the potential customers. Both sides can profit from this: the potential customer receives better and more relevant information, is alerted about interesting offerings and information sources, the enterprise is able to differentiate between hot and cold leads and can focus on the hot ones for follow up.

The implementation of an Online Business Development Solution allows companies to increase the conversion rate of their online channel. Conversion can happen online (if there are eCommerce functionalities) or offline (through various channels, including the direct salesforce). Increasing the conversion rate means improving the ROI of online investments. Assuming that every unique visitor is worth $4.00 (typical average of companies across many different industries), converting 10% more users means an improvement of $640‘000 for an organization with a website attracting 400‘000 unique visitors per month. This means that investments will already pay off in the first year.

Wyona is building online business development solutions using Yanel Boost, but also other technologies including SaaS offerings from a number of players such as Marketo, Market2Lead, Loopfuse or Eloqua. Don't hesitate to talk to us if you need help!

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