Online Classifieds Solutions

Online Classifieds are one of the booming application domains today. With more and more classifieds being transfered from offline to online the need to build highly usable and scalable platforms to manage classifieds has grown significiantly. Large international platforms such as eBay have taken away business from local shops and in most countries a small number of leading providers has been established. Many of the today visible platforms though have a number of significant weaknesses:

  • Concentration on text and images, but no multi media content (i.e. three dimensional pictures, movies, sound files, etc.)
  • No integration with social networks (such as Facebook or Xing/LinkedIn)
  • Unsatisfactory search implementation
  • No connection between classifieds and editorial content (typically stored in other systems)
  • Lack of a comprehensive ontology behind the classifieds
  • Mostly bespoke developments that are difficult to maintain and highly proprietary

Wyona's Online Classifieds Solution offer a number of clear advantages:

  • Integration with Social Networks (e.g. Facebook: buyers can discuss found objects with their friends)
  • Leveraging modern communication channels such as Twitter and YouTube in an integrated way
  • Highly usable and effective search mechanism
  • Far reaching support of the classifieds editor
  • Built in "RelevancR" technology to find "similar" classifieds
  • Advanced personalized features for the search buyer, i.e. displaying the history of products visited, etc.
  • Integration with Yanel Boost technology to track visitor patterns and to enable bidirectional dialogues

Thanks to built in mechanisms from the "semantic web" navigation can be substantially improved and beats the usual database driven solutions.

Wyona's Online Classifieds Solutions are optimized for the context they are running in. They can easily be adjusted, adapted and extended to maximize also the synergies between the different content categories

Typical functionalities of Online Classifieds Solutions:

  • Content Management/Template Management
  • Ontology or Topic Maps 
  • Asset Management (managing images and multi media content)
  • Add/edit/manage classifieds content
  • Flexible and supported search
  • User management
  • Search subscriptions, search history
  • Invoicing/billing
  • Statistics/monitoring
  • Integration with Twitter, Facebook, etc.

What functionalities are actually needed in a specific context depends on many factors including the budget.

Wyona usually implements Online Classifieds Solutions based on the Yanel WCMI technology. However other base technologies are suitable as well.

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