Online Product Promotion Solutions

The internet is more and more the primary tool for consumers and purchasing managers to find, compare, evaluate and select services and products. Already today more than 60% of all consumers, but even higher percentages of "professional" buyers use the internet, when they want to buy a car or a machine.They often start with entering the product into Google and continue their research on the top ranked/positioned product vendors.

On the other side many product vendors only show a small portion of their products, available in their ERP, online. Barriers to get all the products online are missing descriptions, translations, images/illustrations and also meta data. With limiting the number of products online however the product vendor risks major disadvantages in terms of SEO and in general the chance of being found by potential buyers!

In addition many product vendors face the challenge to provide specific XML product structures for resellers (and their eCommerce shops), price lists and product sheets.

With Wyona's Online Product Promotion Solutions product and service vendors can overcome this issue. The solution comprises a central platform to manage and edit all product data without duplicating the data already in the ERP system. Thanks to this platform eCommerce systems can be delivered with specific XML product catalogue structures, price lists can be generated and product sheets as well.

The Online Product Promotion Solution typically contains the following functionalities:

  • Content Management
  • Administration of the product catalogue
  • Asset Management (managing pictures and multi media content)
  • Generation of Product Sheets
  • Generation of Price Lists
  • Generation of XML product catalogue structures for eCommerce applications

With the consolidated product data base many different applications can be built, including iPhone, iPad and Google Android applications.

If you are interested to extend your online reach, improve your SEO and in general your chances to be found online, then talk to us for specific advice and implementation help in context with Online Product Promotion Solutions.


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