Online Social Media Solutions

Online Media channels fight with constantly decreasing advertisement revenues and look for new business models. Often the online channels are subsidized by the print magazines or journals suffering from similiar problems. Product vendors and advertisers are looking to access the consumers and buyers directly and as targeted as possible (qualified reach). At the same time the readers and consumers more and more use social networking platforms and change their media consumption habits as we speak.

Wyona builds solutions that are adapted to this new advertiser and consumer landscape, for example topic centric social media platforms, but also imbedded social toolbars for the administration and use of social networks.

Topic Centric Social Media Platforms

Combining Online Media, Social Networking and partially Online Classifieds and centering all of this around a specific subject matter or interest area creates what we call a "topic centric social media platform". They allow to target specific consumer or buyer segments in the most efficient way, they immediately create qualified reach and ensure that any advertisement or product promotion money is well spent. Wyona's solution in this space most often are based on Yanel Impress. Impress combines Content Management, Marketing Automation and Social Networking and offers everything out of one platform, making implementation and configuration much easier and preventing a lot of integration complexity that usually is responsible for large project budgets. These solutions, based on Yanel Impress, are both flexible and adaptable to specific needs and requirements and offer almost limitless scalablility thanks to the open technology architecture.

Personal (social networking) toolbar

More and more we see the trend to offer "personal" functionaliteis in a toolbar at the top of the screen. This is illustrated in the design scetch here.

The advantages are quite clear:

  • Bundeling of user specific and personal features
  • Offering the same functionality across the website
  • Connecting with local and external social networks

Wyona's CMS technology allows the implementation of the toolbar out of the box and can even be imbedded into other existing content management solutions as a specific enhancement for new functionalities. Interesting is of course also the combination of this toolbar with the online business development solution explained on another page.


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