Since the start of operation in the year 2000, Wyona builds and implements Content Management Solutions and Web Applications, mostly on the base of internal product developments. It was recognized early, that there's a clear need for easy to use and scalable infrastructures to build, maintain and run websites. With the Wyona CMS the company implemented a pioneering solution that was successfully used by many clients around the world. In 2003 Wyona donated the Wyona CMS to the Apache Community and hence the solution was renamed to Apache Lenya. Until today the Wyona team is involved in the Apache Foundation and the various communities.

In the year 2005 Wyona began the development of a successor for Lenya, called Yanel. Yanel and the Firefox plug-in Yulup are designed to make content management and integration easier and more flexible. In many aspects these two new components are a quantum leap. Yanel is already today in use at many large companies and organizations. The CMS is Open Source and licensed under Apache 2.0.

Based on the Yanel Web Framework and Web Content Management Integration platform Wyona is developing industry and application specific product platforms. With these platforms - we call them Editions - Wyona customers can optimize their information management and online channel interaction processes massively. As of today the following Yanel Editions are available:

  • Yanel Open Standards CMS Enterprise Edition - scalable and professionally supported version of the Open Source Yanel CMS for large organizations and enterprises with extended functionality and additional features
  • Yanel Boost - Online Business Development Engine - platform to generate and nurture more and better sales leads online (marketing automation) and to also establish more meaningful interactions with online visitors
  • Yanel Social Media - Connecting Online Media and Social Networking - think "facebook" meets "new york times"
  • Yanel Online Product Promotion - manage and distribute your consolidated product data along multiple platforms (for example inspiration website, eCommerce shop) and channels

More on the Yanel Eidtions can be found here.

Besides supporting our own Wyona products we also provide implementation, support and maintenance services for other Open Source products, for example:

  • Apache Lenya
  • Apache Cocoon/Portal
  • Apache Lucene/Nutch
  • Apache Forrest
  • Apache Jackrabbit (JSR170/283, JCR)


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