Michael Wechner

I try to buy local and pay more for less (whereas most of the time I don't and I just keep trying).

Short Bio
Michael Wechner is co-founder of Wyona and the original creator of various Open Source projects such as Apache Lenya, Yanel and Yarep, but also the continuous integration and deployment software Yulup. Before entering the world of open source software he studied mathematical physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and was doing three years of basic research on computer simulations of dendritic growth at the Max-Planck-Institute. Michael organized the very first Open Source CMS conference together with Eric and co-founded OSCOM and also spends a lot of time with other Open Source Content Management Software. In 2004 he started Wyona Pictures, because he loves stories and movies. In 2006 he initiated the Yulup editing tool, Yanel and Yarep projects, content management software for creature comforts.

In 2020 he directed Trillions and Trillions Served, a documentary feature on The Apache Software Foundation.

In 2021 he started Katie, a knowledge bot, which learns from human conversations and other sources, continuously improving, self-learning and aligned by keeping humans in the loop.

Otherwise, Michael loves cycling, from here to there and the other way around.

Co-founder, President of the Board of Directors of Wyona (http://www.wyona.com)
Original Creator of Apache Lenya and member of the Apache Software Foundation.
Co-founder and former President of OSCOM (http://www.oscom.org)
The Open Development Initiative
President of the sports club of Horgenberg

1989-1994 ETH, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
Final Exam in Math. Physics
Diploma Thesis on the Schwinger-Model and Massless QCD
1994-1995 Bike Messenger at Veloblitz in Zürich
1995-1998 Scientific Collaborator at Max-Planck-Institute for Iron Research, Düsseldorf
Numerical Modeling on dendritic growth in order to complete a doctorol thesis
1998-1999 Head of Research and Development at NZZ Online (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)
1999-2000 Sabbatical in Boston
2000- Co-founder and major shareholder of Wyona

Articles und Essays
OSCOM - Cross Pollination
Die Zukunft von Open Source CMS
Apache Lenya
Softwarepatente (Translate with Google, also see http://www.nosoftwarepatents.com/)


ICS, XML, TXT (based on XML)

Talks, Workshops, Hackathons, etc.
December 4, 2008Open Source Content Management Gilbane Conference at Boston, USA
June 19, 2008Open Social Networks Gilbane Conference at San Francisco, USA
June 17, 2008Open Social Networks CM Pros at San Francisco, USA
March 7, 2007FOSS is dead. Long live FOSS! OpenExpo at Bern, Switzerland
December 6, 2006XML Conference 2006 at Boston, USA
September 21, 2006Open Source - Chancen nutzen - Risiken minimieren at ZfU Thalwil, Switzerland
February 16-17, 2006Open Source World Conference at Malaga, Spain
December 13, 2005ApacheCon US 2005 at San Diego, USA
July 29, 2005Closing Keynote at Open Publish, Sydney, Australia
July 21, 2005ApacheCon 2005 at Stuttgart, Germany
June 22, 2005OSCOMTag at LinuxTag at Karlsruhe, Germany
February 18, 2005LOTS at Bern, Switzerland
November 17, 2004ApacheCon 2004 at Las Vegas, USA
September 30, 2004Presentation at OSCOM 4 with Apache Track on Seamless Content Management with XUL and XAML, Zurich, Switzerland
July 29, 2004Keynote at Open Publish, Sydney, Australia
July 27, 2004Apache Lenya Tutorial at the O'Reilly OSCON, Portland, Oregon, USA
June 30, 2004CMS-Fachtagung, Zurich, Switzerland
June 10, 2004Dachkantine, Zurich, Switzerland
May 14/15, 2004Lenya Hackathon/Sprint, Zurich, Switzerland
March 26, 2004Panel and Hackathon at the Gilbane Conference on Content Management, Los Angeles, California, USA
February 18, 2004OSCOM Hackathon/Sprint at LOTS, Zurich, Switzerland
February 4, 2004CMS-Shoot-Out at IEX, Zurich, Switzerland
February 3, 2004Open-Source-Forum at IEX, Zurich, Switzerland
January 22/23, 2004OSCOM Hackathon/Sprint at ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland
November 24, 2003The Penguin Run at Zurich, Switzerland
November 18, 2003ApacheCon 2003 at Las Vegas, USA
November 14, 2003IFZ Seminar at Zug, Switzerland
October 7, 2003Cocoon GetTogether 2003 at Ghent, Belgium
October 6, 2003Cocoon Hackathon 2003 at Ghent, Belgium
September 9 and 10, 2003The OSCOM Sprint/Hackathon at Seybold
September 9, 2003The Gilbane Content Management Conference at Seybold
September 8, 2003At the Seybold-WOW conference: Content Management for the Rest of Us
June 18, 20036. Ittinger Mediengespraech der IBM Schweiz: Another Animal Farm?
May 28, 2003Apache Lenya Workshop at OSCOM3 (Harvard University)
May 21, 2003Keynote at Fachhochschule Solothurn Nordwestschweiz
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Michael Hannes Wechner